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Beginnings can be deceiving.  Looking at this blog, you might read this post and see it as the entry that started it all.  You might think my chronicles and commentary on living organ donation begin here, or that the Greatest Gift Foundation begins here.  In a way, they do — because with this post, I officially launch an endeavor that I have been dreaming of for at least a couple of years.  You are witnessing the beginning of the Greatest Gift blog, a companion site to the foundation that I launched in 2007 to provide knowledge and support for the living organ donor community. 

But as many of you already know, my journey began much earlier, in late 2005, when I made the decision to become a living organ donor for my younger brother, Joe, who was suffering from late-stage liver disease due to complications from progressed Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).  It was then, in November 2005, that I first became a blogger and started to chronicle my journey as a living donor.    So this new blog isn’t a beginning at all.  It’s simply the next chapter.

Welcome to this new beginning, and the continuation of something magical.  Check back often for living donation issues in the news, for introductions to people impacted by living donation, and for more of my own personal story. 




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