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It is a small world, indeed.  An inspiring woman, mom, and blogger right in my Minneapolis back yard is donating a kidney to her father in a couple of weeks, and she found the Greatest Gift Foundation’s blog through a blogger friend of a blogger friend who lives in England.  I love the Web!

Meet Terri: When she was a kid, her dad, a diabetic, would encourage her to watch him inject his insulin and say “someday, you might have to inject the insulin for me. You should know how to do it.”  And now, as a grown up, her opportunity to help him has become much more profound, more real, and more immediate.  Her blog, at http://territerri.wordpress.com (nice sense of design templates she has!) has some generous posts about her thoughts, feelings, fears, and appreciation for the support she has found, especially online. 

The post that really starts the story is here

I also liked this one, and not just because it mentions me!

Drop by her site and tell her hi and good luck!


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