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I’m meditating today on two women I know who are having difficult times, one because her Mom is struggling with severe kidney problems in the wake of a liver transplant two weeks ago, and the other because, while she heals from her donation of her liver to her husband, he lies in the hospital, urgently awaiting another liver.  Sometimes, not even our greatest gift of love and self can be enough.  Or, maybe put another way, it has to be enough.

It’s Friday, and I want to share something beautiful with these two women and with the world.  Cheesy, perhaps, but I think Matt Harding’s Dancing 2008 video is the single most beautiful stream of bits and bytes ever to stream over the Web.  (That link is to the high-def version, which is so worth it if you have the ability to view it that way! If not the link to the lower-def version is on the page.) 

Happy Friday, and best wishes.


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