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I don’t want to intimidate anyone by sharing this, but WordPress lets me see in my management dashboard page the search terms people used to successfully find and link to this blog.  Usually it’s stuff you would expect, like “living organ donor” or “kidney donor blogs,” or topical things like “Transplant Games.”  Sometimes it’s something random, like “plush kidney doll” — which gets searched for more than you might guess! — that takes people to this post.  But there have been a couple of fun tangential searches that made me laugh. 

My favorite so far appeared yesterday, and when I read it, you could describe my laugh as a “guffaw followed by a serene, knowing little grin.”  Before I tell it to you, first a short back story:

My surgeon for my living donation (partial liver) was Dr. Alan Koffron, of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.  Now, I am a single woman in my 30s, who appreciates a good-looking man.  And let me tell you, when Dr. Koffron walked into the room to see me for the first time, in his nice white doctor coat, I about fell over.  He is, in a word, dreamy.   I of course didn’t plan to tell him that, except I think I might have let something slip as the anesthesiologist was getting started, along the lines of, “Um, PLEASE don’t let me profess my undying love to Dr. Koffron as I’m going under, okay? Promise me!” So, alas, my sweet little crush has been kept silent, unrequited and unshared with the general public. 

Until now, that is, having learned that I’m not alone.  Here’s what someone searched yesterday, resulting in a visit to this blog:  “Is Alan Koffron married?”

Sadly, I believe he is.  On the upside?  He’s an outstanding surgeon, and he leaves a very subtle scar.


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