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Yours truly gets to hob nob with local TV meteorologist It-Guy (and oh-so cutie) Sven Sundgaard in the rooftop garden set for the KARE-11 news 5 p.m. broadcast today (Friday).  

It’s not a pointless garden party — I’m there on a mission!  I and a few colleagues from the American Liver Foundation get a brief moment to promote our local chapter’s Liver Life Walk Twin Cities, which takes place on September 6, 2008, at Rosland Park in Edina. 

We’re working hard to get our numbers up this year for the walk, which for the past several years has done so much to help raise funds and awareness in the ALF’s fight against liver disease and its impact on families. 

YOU CAN HELP!  Consider walking with me on Team “Chopped Liver,” (just an easy two 1.1-mile laps around a pretty lake in one of our lovely urban parks on a sunny Sunday morning).  Or, you can sponsor my team with a financial gift, no matter how small.  The money we raise goes far to prevent liver disease (which impacts one in ten Americans today) and to cure and comfort the people who are affected by it. 

No obligation here.  So many of my regular readers have already shown up with support of the Greatest Gift Foundation, our annual Jingle Jangle, financially or otherwise — and it’s so appreciated!


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Hey, America. It’s Liver Life Walk time!  One foot in front of the other at an easy pace, chatting with old friends and new ones and drinking free coffee, for just three miles or less, and voila!  More people are aware of liver disease and the prominence of it, and the American Liver Foundation has more money to do its fabulous work. 

If you’re a potential living donor of a liver, this is a great way to show your support for the people out there who need transplants and might not be so lucky.  Trust me — it’s also a great place to tell your story and get some support for yourself from that same community.

There are at least 13 regional walks going on in cities throughout the country, from California to Maryland.  Go to http://www.liverfoundation.org/walk to find the location and date of the walk nearest you (hint — click the large “find a walk near you” button to do this). 

Lest our kidney and bone marrow friends get jealous of the fun group exercise and comeraderie, fear not! You can learn about annual National Kidney Foundation’s walks around the country at http://www.kidney.org/news/kidneywalk/.  I don’t know if the National Marrow Donor Program has a walk program, but they do schedule events throughout the year — full schedule is here.

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