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I’ve been traveling all over the world lately and am woefully behind on my TV watching… so I’m super late in pointing out the simply-best-ever musical finale of a quirky sit-com in the history of television.  My heros at NBC’s show 30 Rock have written living organ donation into their plot for their last two episodes of this past season.  Alec Baldwin’s character Jack went on a search for his biological father, discovering it was none other than a guy played by Alan Alda, who had no idea he had a son.  Only to learn that daddy needs a kidney!   In the big finale, Jack ropes in heavy celebrity names to host a benefit concert called “Kidney Now” to help find a kidney for his dad. 

Queue big musical number: He Needs a Kidney!  It stars Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Mary J. Blige, Cyndi Lauper, the Beastie Boys, Clay Aiken, and many more.  Genius.  Brilliant.  God bless 30 Rock.

If you’re in the U.S., you can watch the full episode for free on Hulu.com

To help continue to raise awareness, they’ve made a music video of the song, too, which is available for six months on itunes. Click here to go straight to the download page.



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Update on my previous post about the cute little plush kidneys and livers at I Heart Guts.  As I knew I had to do, destiny being what it is, I bought the “I’m a liver not a fighter” T-shirt.  Happy to report that the order was superbly delivered and quickly, hand-addressed in Sharpie with a little cartoon drawing waving hi to me, and with the added surprise of a little gut sticker.  (Random, doubtless.  I got the heart. Aw.)

So, yes readers, consider them recommended. 

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By e-card.  Although, in case you thought that method was a right fit for your lifestyle, the irreverant and hopelessly non-politically-correct goofballs at the Web site someecards have come up with one that says it all. (Warning, don’t go there if you’re sensitive to base humor and tongue-in-cheek insults.)

(Thanks for the laugh, Mindy!)

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